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CREAMS Project

In CREAMS, we anticipate to educate and create awareness of various stakeholders in the Higher Education domain with regards to scaffolding creativity of arts students, and deploying a robust and innovative framework and open-source tools for virtual exhibition creation.

The project has been approved by the European Commission and co funded with IKY with a total funding of €382,644 and it's duration will span three years.

About the CREAMS Project

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So what exactly is CREAMS?
Take your very first look at the VR & AR exhibition tool we've been working on.
🟢Create custom exhibition spaces
🟡 Visit VR/AR/MR exhibitions
🔵 Upload your art
🟣 Curate experiences

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Latest News

Latest news about the project, partners' activities, project events

Blog Post
First CREAMS LTTA Completed Successfully

On the 27th, 28th and 29th of November 2023, CREAMS held the first Learning Teaching Training Activity (LTTA1) at the University of Patras in Patras, Greece. ...

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Blog Post
2 journal papers accepted

We are happy to announce that 2 journal papers from the CREAMS team have been accepted for publication...

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Blog Post
CREAMS open-source technologies and tools

Did you know that all the tools and technologies developed as part of the CREAMS project are made available as open-source?...

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